Kla Mobile - FAQ


Unlimited data means you will never run out of data, but when you come the point your data bundle has reached its limit, speed will be reduced to 128 Kb/s.

Each Postpaid plan contains a bundle with an amount of free minutes for making calls outside the Kla network. These free minutes are valid for local fixed, OLO (other local operators) and designated international calls*. When all free bundle minutes are used the out of the bundle rates apply.

* Curacao fixed, Curacao mobile, Aruba fixed, Aruba mobile SETAR, Saba fixed, Sint Maarten fixed, Sint Eustatia fixed, NL fixed, Venezuela fixed, Colombia fixed, Dominican Republic fixed, China fixed, India fixed, USA fixed and Canada fixed 

When the main bundle minutes have been depleted the following postpaid out-of-bundle rates apply

Kla to local fixed (peak)                 $0.25

Kla to local fixed (off-peak)           $0.20

Kla to other local (peak)                $0.38

Kla to other local (off-peal)           $0.28

Please click here to download the Kla Mobile terms and conditions.

The APN of Kla mobile is: internet.kla.mobi

APN stands for Access Point Name, which contain information that’s needed to make data connections through your phone. 

If you need to update or check your APN settings, go to your settings menu, and find your APN menu – often in the mobile network settings section.