About Us

Telefonia Bonairiano NV (TELBO) is Bonaire´s leading communications and media provider providing a complete range of innovative services to residential and business customers. TELBO operates under the jurisdiction of our parent company Bonaire Holding Maatschappij (BHM), which is owned by the Island Government of Bonaire.

TELBO delivers fixed line telephone, mobile phone, high speed broadband internet access and IPTV with the highest quality using our exclusive optical fiber infrastructure. This translates to TELBO´s customers receiving the most up to date communications and media in the market.

TELBO is the first provider in the Caribbean Region of leading edge, high quality TV services based on a full IP infrastructure and continuously improves and extends its TV services by using leading edge technology.


TELBO NV was originally part of Landsraiodienst. TELBO was incorporated March 23, 1983, although remained under the umbrella of Landsradiodienst until 1996. In 2001, after a reorganization period the new TELBO was able to emerge as the only local company offering innovative and quality telecommunication services for the local market on Bonaire. Continually seeking technologically advanced and diverse services that add value to its clients’ lives, TELBO continues to evolve, from being a local telephone operator, to now offering advanced new generation technology in their complete range of services including IPTV, high speed Internet, and the full spectrum of telephone services. TELBO is proud to be a local, sustainable Bonaire business, with over 50 employees supervising the operation of the islands´ largest communications network.  

Mission Statement

As a leader in our market, TELBO´s mission is to be the preferred provider of quality and innovative next-generation technology including data, telecom and media services benefiting our customers, delivering excellent experience enabling them to streamline their professional and personal lives.

Core Values


TELBO values its customers and offers a transparent and simple product portfolio with superior service. This requires an organization which is flexible and fast and where our employees have passion for our customers.


TELBO believes in developing a personal relationship with our customers. We strive to ensure honesty, sympathy, accessibility, transparency in all of our relationships.


TELBO has ambition. To enable this, we simply have to be the best in a competitive market. This says we need to continuously improve ourselves to provide the best possible services to our customers. This ensures customer satisfaction and trust in TELBO.