Special Services


Call blocking

Application cost $20.72
Monthly fee $2.96

To activate call blocking service for

• national, local mobile and international calls press *342
• international press *343
• national and international press *347
• local mobile press *348

To deactivate call blocking service press *351 <4 digit code> #

To change code press *319
To check which services are blocked press #34#

Call Forwarding

Application cost $20.72
Monthly fee $2.96

To activate call forwarding service press *21* and follow the instructions

To deactivate call forwarding service press #21#

Important notice: The use of call forwarding service has variable cost because
the costs of the call from your telephone to the telephone number you programmed will be charged to you.


Call Waiting

Application cost $20.72
Monthly fee $2.96

With call waiting service you can receive two telephone calls at the same time. When talking on the telephone, a second incoming call can also be answered.

To answer the second call press flash of hook flash