What is fiber?

An optic fiber connection is a flexible, transparent fiber connection made of glass or plastic, which permits transmission of data (in the form of light) over long distances at higher bandwidths than copper wire cables.

Connected to fiber TELBO is able to offer a more stable connection and new services such as HD TV and super high speed internet up to 500 Mbps.

Fiber to the home project

In 2015 TELBO has started the roll out of an island wide ‘Fiber to the Home’ project (FttH). In an earlier stage several locations such as Bona Bista, Las Palmas, Santa Barbara and Bon Bida Apartments already have been connected to the fiber network.

At the moment TELBO has fiber optic in more than 70% of the island.

Important to know

It is importantant for you to know that: 

  • During the roll-out of Fibet to the Home project all households and businesses have the right to receive a free of charge fiber connection
  • Non-existing customers are not obligated to accept TELBO services after being connected to the fiber network
  • Existing internet customers will get a substantial speed upgrade at no additional cost
  • No monthly surcharge applies for existing service contracts delivered over -fiber

Quality of service

First of all this new technology results in a better data signal to your home minimizing the chance of service interruptions. We are also able to solve a large number of interruptions much faster because modems and setup boxes can be read and adjusted remotely.

In addition a new automated system contributes to a more efficient handling of your customer enquiries. In the near future a login code will provide access to your online TELBO account which enables you to apply for new services and to view your invoices online.