phone Service rates


Allowing a private (secret) telephone number

  $20.72 $2.79

Changing a private (secret) telephone number

  $29.61 N/A

Activating network services on a phone connection like call waiting, caller ID, hotline group numbers for PBX connections etc, per exchange line)

  $20.72 $2.96

Programming instant-dialing of a telephone number
(per 5 numbers).

  $20.72 $2.96

Specification per telephone number of local, cellular
interinsular and international calls.

  $20.72 $2.96

Price per extra phone directory.

  $8.88 N/A

Additional entry in the phone directory.

  $8.88 N/A

Usage of more than two lines in the phone directory. Price for each additional line.

  $8.88 N/A

Upon a customer’s request, temporary disconnecting and reconnecting a telephone number.

  $14.81 N/A

Reconnecting a telephone number as a result of an overdue payment.

  $20.72 N/A

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