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Smart Unlimited plans

Signing up for a Smart Unlimited plan allows you to select a smartphone of your choice. Whether a down payment for the selected phone is required or not depends on the device, the chosen plan and duration of your contract (one or two years).

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Bundle minutes
Each Smart Unlimited plan contains a bundle with an amount of free minutes for making calls outside the Kla network. These free minutes are valid for local fixed, OLO (other local operators) and designated international calls*. When all free bundle minutes are used the out of the bundle rates apply.

* Curacao fixed, Curacao mobile, Aruba fixed, Aruba mobile SETAR, Saba fixed, Sint Maarten fixed, Sint Eustatia fixed, NL fixed, Venezuela fixed, Colombia fixed, Dominican Republic fixed, China fixed, India fixed, USA fixed and Canada fixed

On-net minutes & SMS
Each plan allows you to send 1000 on-net SMS and call 3000 minutes to other Kla numbers free of charge.

Kla offers ultrafast unlimited LTE data with speeds up to 50 Mb/s for LTE compatible devices. Unlimited data means you will never run out of data, but when you come the point your data bundle has reached its limit, speed will be reduced to 128 Kb/s.

In case you prefer to re-establish up to 50 Mb/s connection, just dial *123#send on your mobile device and select one of the following data bundles:

• 500 MB high speed data for $6
• 1 GB high speed data for $10

Be aware that data speed depends on the type of phone you use.

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To further personalize your postpaid service you can select the Add-ons of your choice.

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  • Smart Unlimited plan / SIM Only Plan 60 Plan 90 Plan 120 Plan 180 Plan 240 Plan 480 Plan
      Free minutes to Kla 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
      Unlimited data based on FUP 500MB 3GB 6GB 9GB 11GB 14GB
      Cost p/month Smart Unlimited plan $30.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00 $70.00 $100.00
      Cost p/month SIM Only Plan $26.00 $36.00 $46.00 $56.00 $66.00 $96.00

    When the main bundle minutes have been depleted the following rates apply:

      Out of bundle rates  
      Kla to local fixed (off-peak) $0,20
      Kla to other local (off-peak) $0,28
      SMS to international $0,24
  •   Service Charge
      Emergency Services Free
      SMS to international $0.24
      Voicemail Free
      Destination Cost p/min   Destination Cost p/min
      Canada $0.35   Antarctica & Islands - Antartic $2.00
      Colombia $0.60   Ascension Island $2.00
      Dominican Republic $0.60   Barbados $0.80
      Netherlands mobile $0.60   Cayman Islands $0.80
      Peru $0.60   Falkland Islands $2.00
      Puerto Rico $0.60   Guadeloupe $0.80
      St. Eustatius $0.35   Iridium $4.50
      Suriname $0.60   Russia - GlobalTel $2.00
      USA $0.35   Switzerland - Voice Mail Fixed $2.00
         Wallis & Futuna $2.00
  • Conditions Smart Unlimited plans

    The following conditions apply for Unlimited postpaid plans:
    • A $0,06 set up fee applies for international calls
    • Calls are charged per second
    • Bundle minutes roll over to the next month
    • Off-peak rates apply from Mo - Fr / 9 PM - 7 AM
    • Off-peak rates also apply during the weekend
    • Bundle minutes can be used for local calls and designated international calls
    • Smart Unlimited plans are available in one and two year contracts
    • SIM Only Unlimited plans are available in ‘zero’ year contracts only
    • On-net stands for local Kla to local Kla voice and SMS services
    • Send up to 1000 On-net SMS free of charge
    • Call up to 3000 On-net minutes free of charge
    • Additional data volume is valid for 30 days