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Roaming allows you to use your postpaid or prepaid mobile phone abroad on another network while being billed by Kla. On this page you find some handy tips and tricks for the use of your mobile phone abroad.

Before you go:

• Find out if the country you are traveling to has a roaming agreement with Kla.
• Check the network frequency of the country you're going and ensure your handset is
• Store your most frequently dialed numbers in the international format, e.g. +599-7158085
• Bonaire’s best data rates
• Check if Kla customer care number +599-7157070 is stored in your phonebook.

International calling

Both receiving and making calls when you are abroad will be deducted from your prepaid credit (if you are a prepaid user) or charged on your Postpaid bill (if you are a postpaid user). If you receive a call you are charged for the international call from Bonaire to the country where you are located. Your caller, if calling from Bonaire, is charged Kla regular local rates. Most countries apply a charge per call on a per minute basis. Other countries charge from the time you dial a number.