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Prepaid Services

In case you already own a compatible mobile phone or tablet with calling facility you can start using our prepaid services right after applying a charged prepaid SIM card. If you are looking for a mobile device to use with a prepaid account:

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    Prepaid cards and service
    We offer prepaid calling services, prepaid data service and prepaid SMS service and there are five different denominations of prepaid cards to recharge your prepaid account:

      Card Value Days expiring
      $5 30
      $20 60

    Recharge & balance check
    Use the pin code located on the backside of your calling card to recharge your prepaid account. First press *136* followed by the pin code # send on your mobile phone. Whenever you want to recharge a Kla prepaid account from any other phone, call 137 and follow the instructions. To check your balance, press *138# send on your mobile phone.

    Credit deduction & expiring date
    The 'days expiring' defines the amount of days you have left for to make calls or to buy data or SMS bundles. The costs for a bundle will be deducted from your prepaid credit once a bundle has been activated. Other cost, such as the cost of making calls and sending out of bundle SMS and data, will be deducted from your credit as you go.

    Where to buy?
    You can buy prepaid card s at the Kla store, most supermarkets, bars, retail stores and gasoline stations. Please find the places where you can Top Up your Kla Mobile Prepaid.

    Prepaid Benefits:

    • Use data, send SMS and make calls without a subscription
    • Control your expenditure
    • Enjoy data speeds up to 21 Mb/s for compatible devices
    • Connect to Bonaire's most reliable mobile network
    • Affordable local calling rates, which can be as low as 25 cents per minute

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