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Prepaid Data Service

With Kla’s prepaid Data Service you can sent and receive email, chat, play online games, download files, surf on the web or keep up with your social network. We offer a wide variety of data bundles to suit your needs:

  Duration Fee Speed up to Data volume
  1 week LTE Data $10.00 21 Mbps 1 Gb
  30 days LTE data Basic $25.00 21 Mbps 2 Gb

Data usage
The 'duration' defines the amount of time you have to use data. A day of data usage equals 24 hours. Two hours before a data plan expires, or when you have 50 MB left, an alert will be send. At this point in time or when a bundle has been depleted, new data bundles will be available to buy.

When the Internet usage settings on your phone have been switched on, you can continue using the Internet as a pay-as-you-go user. The pay-as-you-go rate is $1,00 per MB and will be charged per KB. The cost will be deducted from your prepaid credit.

Data speed
Before activating a prepaid data bundle please check your phone manual to verify your phone supports a 4G / LTE or 3G / HSPA network. Be aware that speed may vary depending on the phone model you use.

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    How to buy data bundles?
    First you need to make sure to have sufficient credit on your prepaid account. To purchase a data bundle for your Kla smartphone:

    • Press *123#send
    • Press 1 for Data Bundles
    • Choose your data bundle
    • Press 1 to confirm your purchase
    • You will receive an SMS on your phone confirming your purchase transaction