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When being at home it's quite common to go online using your laptop or tablet. But wouldn't it be convenient to access Internet anytime you want, even when you are not at home? When you are looking for a mobile data-only connection for your laptop or tablet, a Kla unlimited LTE Broadband plan is the perfect solution.

We offer the following Broadband plans:

  Plan Monthly Data Limit Speed up to
  Broadband LTE Super $75.00 20 GB 50 Mb/s

Unlimited data
Unlimited data means you will never run out of data, but when you come the point your data bundle has reached its limit, speed will be reduced to 128 Kb/s.

Note that broadband plans have no voice facility and data roaming abroad is not possible!

Mobile Broadband benefits
• Enjoy data speeds up to 50 Mb/s for compatible devices
• Receive unlimited out of bundle data at a reduced speed
• Be connected to Bonaire’s most reliable mobile network
• Bonaire’s best data rates
• Receive a free MiFi modem in combination with a 2 year a contract

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