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    TELBO / Kla Mobile
    Address: Kaya Libertador S. Bolivar 8, Kralendijk, Bonaire

    General: 715-7000 / Business: 715- 7027 / TELBO Store: 715-7070 / Customer Service: 9212
    Kla Mobile on your mobile: 139 / All Service Interruptions: 9220

    General fax number: 717-5007

    E-mail:General: info@telbo.net / Helpdesk:helpdesk@telbo.net / Business:business@telbo.net

    Opening Hours:

    Customer Service
    Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 16:30

    Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 16:30

    Kla Store:
    Monday – Friday: 08:00 - 12:00 & 13:30 - 16:30

    Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 19:30
    Every Saturday: 9:00 - 12:30

    Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 12:00 & 13:30 - 17:00

    You can either send an email or use the below request form to get in contact with us.
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     (also referred to as Customer number can be found on your invoice)
  • General show

    What is PIN code?

    PIN code is a four (4) digit code that you can use to block your phone. By doing this, you prevent others from using your phone. All Kla SIM cards have a PIN code which is 0000, it is recommended to change this PIN code as soon as possible. If you key in three (3) times the incorrect PIN code, your SIM card will be blocked. To unlock your Kla SIM card, please key in your PUK code.

    What is PUK code?

    PUK code is an eight (8) digit unique code which you receive from Kla. If you key in your PUK code ten (10) times incorrectly your Kla SIM card will blocked permanently.

    Where can I find my PUK code?

    Text comes here!

    Network show

    What is LTE?

    LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is now the standard wireless communication platform for high-speed data for mobile phones and other data devices, like tablets and mobile hotspots (Mi-Fi). To enjoy the speeds of an LTE network, your must have a LTE-capable device.

    How do I know if my device will work on Kla’s LTE network?

    To enjoy the speed of our LTE network you need to have an LTE enabled device. This device also needs to have the 1800MHZ frequency which is also called Band 3. The Kla network also works with 3G / HSPA+ compatible devices which support connectivity in the 900 MHZ band.

    Is it possible to share my LTE connection with another device?

    Yes it is possible to share your LTE connection with any other Wi-Fi enabled device if your device has a hotspot feature.

    My LTE-capable device requires a micro SIM. Does Kla have an LTE micro SIM?

    Yes, Kla has LTE ready micro, nano and regular SIM.

    Can I use my LTE SIM in a non-LTE capable device?

    Yes, you can use your LTE SIM in a non-LTE capable device, but be aware that a non-LTE device cannot provide you with LTE speeds.

    Postpaid show

    What are the requirements I need to present if I would like to sign up for a postpaid plan?

    The requirements needed to apply for a postpaid plan are the following: proof of identification, proof of home address and proof of financial capacity. The table below shows the acceptable documents for each type of requirement:

    • Proof of identification
       Passport; Sedula
    • Proof of home address
       TELBO bill; WEB bill; proof of residency; proof of Insurance
    • Proof of financial capacity
       Last salary slip

    What should I do when I lost my postpaid phone?

    In case you lost your postpaid phone please contact customer service as soon as possible to block your account to prevent misuse. In order to block your account you have to provide the customer service agent your PUK code or your secret answer that you have given when signing up for the postpaid account. In order to receive your same phone number again please visit our Kla shop with a valid ID and your PUK code.

    What is Fair use policy?

    Fair use policy is the right to suspend ‘free’ call/data services and revert you to our standard call/data plan should we deem the usage to be excessive or unfair.

    Prepaid show

    How can I check my prepaid balance?

    To check your prepaid balance, please press: *138#send

    How can I recharge my prepaid balance?

    Use the pin code located on the backside of your calling card to recharge your prepaid account. First press *136*followed by the pin code # send on your mobile phone.

    How can I buy a data bundle using my Kla smartphone?

    To purchase a data bundle using your Kla smartphone:
    • Press *123#send
    • Press 1 for Data Bundles
    • Choose your data bundle
    • Press 1 to confirm your purchase
    • You will receive an SMS on your phone confirming your purchase transaction

    How can I listen to my voice mail messages?

    To listen to your Voice Mail messages call 134 and key in your password and press 1 (for the first time, the password will be your Kla mobile phone number)

    What are the available values of Kla prepaid cards?

    The Kla prepaid cards are available in five different values which are $3 card, $5 card, $10 card, $20 card and $30 card.

    What happens with my prepaid balance if I don’t use it completely before the expiring day?

    If you don’t use your prepaid balance completely before the expiring day, you can no longer make calls or buy data. However you can still receive calls and send/receive SMS. In order to make calls or buy data again you must recharge your balance up to 60 days after the “expiring day”. The expired balance amount will be added to the new balance. If you fail to recharge your balance before the 60 days after the “expiring day” your phone number will be disconnected from the network.

    What should I do when I lost my prepaid phone?

    In case you lost your prepaid phone please visit our Kla shop with a valid ID and your original PUK code in order to do a SIM change. If you can’t proof that the phone number is yours, SIM change can’t be done.

    What is call divert?

    With call divert service, you can divert important calls to another mobile number or landline if you are unable to take a call in case: you miss a call, are busy, are out of reach or your phone is switched off.

    What is call hold feature?

    Call Hold allows you to receive or make a second call, by putting the first call on hold and also to swap between the two calls.

    Hybrid show

    What does the hybrid plan provide?

    A Hybrid Calling & Data plan is the perfect combination of a postpaid subscription for the use of data and a prepaid credit account for the use of prepaid services like making calls or sending SMS. This makes a Hybrid plan the ideal solution for those who want to manage prepaid spending and enjoy unlimited data at the same time.

    How can I recharge my balance if I have a Hybrid plan?

    Use the pin code located on the backside of your calling card to recharge your account. First press *136*followed by the pin code # send

    Mobile Broadband show

    What is the difference between fixed broadband and mobile broadband?

    Fixed broadband is a fixed place service requiring wired line connectivity. On the contrary, mobile broadband is a wireless service which enables you to access internet anywhere, while you are at home or on the go. When using mobile broadband you must take in consideration that there is a fair use policy and on the other hand with fixed broadband that is not the case.

    Roaming show

    I’m traveling to Curacao with my Kla mobile, Do I have to pay roaming cost?

    Text goes here

    I’m traveling to Aruba with my Kla mobile, Do I have to pay roaming cost?

    Text goes here

    Business Postpaid show

    What are the requirements I need to present if I would like to sign up for a postpaid plan for my company?

    The requirements needed to apply for a postpaid plan for a business are a proof of identification and a proof of Chamber of Commerce registration not older than 6 months old.