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Data Roaming

The use of data/Internet on your mobile phone when you are abroad is not the same as the use of data/Internet on Bonaire. On Bonaire this is included in your data package (for prepaid, hybrid or postpaid users) or charged separately per MB (for prepaid users without a data package). When you are abroad you are not using Kla’s network, but the network of a provider abroad. Every time you Ping, collect e-mails, use Facebook, send a Whatsapp message or any other Internet action, you are charged by the provider at your destination.

How to switch off data/Internet on your mobile phone

If you don't need to stay in touch abroad, through instant messaging, e-mail or social networks, you can switch off data/Internet on your mobile phone. Please note that this completely turns off the data/Internet on your mobile, both locally and internationally.

How to do this? Dial *123#SEND on your mobile and select the option to block/allow data/Internet on your phone. If you want to turn off data/Internet on your mobile, choose the option to block data/Internet use on your mobile phone. Press 1 to confirm. You will receive a message stating that your request is being processed. You will thereafter receive an SMS to confirm and you will have to switch off your mobile completely for the changes to be applied. If you want to switch your data/Internet back to ‘allow’, dial *123#SEND again and follow the same route to allow data/Internet on your mobile phone.

How to reduce data roaming costs

Be aware that the use of data/Internet is more expensive when you are abroad, because it incurs data roaming charges. But you are in control! If you need to stay in touch when abroad, please read the following tips and trick to reduce data roaming costs.

• Many hotels and restaurants offer the possibility to use Wi-Fi for free or for a fixed fee.
  Remember: you need to log in daily to stay connected!
• Be careful when streaming or sending video's to social media sites. These actions use up
  a lot of data.
• Switch off automatic synchronizing on your phone. This function causes your phone to
  constantly search for updates, incurring data roaming costs when abroad.
• Download an app to monitor data roaming usage. BlackBerry users can download the Data
  Traffic Counter from App World. Android users can download My Data Manager from the
   Android market before you go abroad.
• If you are a BlackBerry user and have the BlackBerry Protect App on your device, switch this
  off during your stay abroad. This app is designed to back up all your information, which
  requires heavy data usage.