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About us

TELBO NV was originally part of Landsradiodienst. The company was incorporated March 23, 1983, although remained under the umbrella of Landsradiodienst until 1996. In 2001, after a reorganization period the new TELBO was able to emerge as the only local company offering innovative and quality telecommunication services for the local market on Bonaire. Continually seeking technologically advanced and diverse services that add value to its clients’ lives, TELBO continues to evolve, from being a local telephone operator, to now offering advanced new generation technology in their complete range of services including mobile LTE telephone and data services, ADSL2+ based IPTV, high speed Internet, and the full spectrum of telephone services.

TELBO is proud to be a local and sustainable business, with over 40 employees supervising the operation of the islands´ largest communications network.

Mission Statement
As a leader in our market, TELBO mission is to be the preferred provider of quality and innovative next-generation technology including data, telecom and media services benefiting our customers, delivering excellent experience enabling them to streamline their professional and personal lives.

Core values

TELBO values its customers and offers a transparent and simple product portfolio with superior service. This requires an organization which is flexible and fast and where our employees have passion for our customers.

TELBO believes in developing a personal relationship with our customers. We strive to ensure honesty, sympathy, accessibility, transparency in all of our relationships.

TELBO has ambition. To enable this, we simply have to be the best in a competitive market. This says we need to continuously improve ourselves to provide the best possible services to our customers. This ensures customer satisfaction and trust in TELBO.

TELBO Management Team

Gilbert de Bree, Managing Director
The Managing Director of TELBO is Gilbert de Bree. After starting his career in the Dutch navy as a telecom engineer, he held several operational management positions in telecom companies such as British Telecom, A2000 (currently UPC, biggest cable operator in the Netherlands) and Scarlet (Benelux telecom operator with revenues of approximately US$ 160 million, sold to Belgacom in 2008). Before joining TELBO in 2009, he was responsible for the management, maintenance and expansion of Scarlet’s nationwide fiber optic, SDH, telephony and DSLAM network infrastructure in Belgium and later the WiMAX network infrastructure on the island of Curacao.

Lydia Sint Jago, Finance Manager
Lydia Sint Jago joined TELBO in 2006 and is educated as a Master of Science degree in Accounting. Lydia started her professional career as an assistant accountant at KPMG. After which she built her career as a supervisor during years at Caribbean Accounting Services/ PricewaterhouseCoopers. Before she joined TELBO she was Internal Controller at Stichting AMFO, a Dutch foundation for the former Netherlands Antilles

Roxanne Francees, Human Resources & Facilities Manager
Roxanne Francees joined TELBO in 2015 and is responsible for the development, implementation and execution of the company’s Human Resources policy. Simultaneously, she manages facility and security services within TELBO. Roxanne holds a Master Degree (‘WO’) in Human Resource Management majoring in Diversity Management. Before joining TELBO, Roxanne was responsible for the execution of Human Resources Management at Fundashon Mariadal as a Human Resource Advisor (P&O Adviseur). After finalizing her studies in the Netherlands she also worked at a Retirement Home in the City of Breda as a Human Resource Officer.