TELBO's fiber networks

Today TELBO has the largest and fastest fiber optic network on Bonaire with internationally owned connections to Curacao and Miami. Do you want to find out the speed of your current internet connection? Please click here.

Fiber point to point

Depending on location and district TELBO offers point to point fiber solutions for businesses demanding for local speeds up to 1Gbps. Related projects include Fundashon Mariadal, Van den Tweel Supermarket, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank Bonaire and Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland.

Fiber to the home

In 2015 TELBO has started the roll out of an island wide ‘Fiber to the Home’ project (FttH), which is expected to be ready in January 2018. In an earlier stage several locations such as Bona Bista, Las Palmas, Santa Barbara, Flamingo Garden Estate, El Pueblo and Bon Bida Apartments already have been connected to the fiber network. The most common locations are the so called ‘Green Areas’. These areas include all Bonaire’s new home districts where speeds up to 100 Mb/s can be delivered. We are also able to deliver fiber connections upon request on many locations all over the island. Please contact us to verify the availability of services in your area.


VDSL2 & ADSL2+ broadband technologies run over our island's wide copper network. Depending on distance to the fiber backbone we offer speeds up to 20 Mb/s. Please contact us to verify the availability of services in your area.

Caribbean Internet Exchange

As a founding member of the Caribbean Internet Exchange (CAR-IX), TELBO is cooperating with other operators to save on international capacity. This allows faster access to content such as YouTube, as well as improving the quality of service to our customers.

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