TELBO's internet business solutions

Besides a full range of services targeted to support your business, TELBO also offers a wide range of products with dedicated IP addresses and dedicated leased lines. All our broadband business products deliver speeds up to 100Mbps with network priority and dedicated account managers will be available to ensure a premium level of service.

Our business solutions include:

Related to data connections we offer four separate products:

Business Internet

Business Internet is offered over ADSL2+ or fiber. Business Internet does not deliver symmetric bandwidth but a-symmetric. This means that for example a 4MB download speed has an allocated 1MB upload speed. This product is ideal for businesses that require an affordable and reliable internet connection. In case you want to find out more on the above services, please contact the TELBO Business Solutions team. Click here to download the service descriptions in PDF.

Local Leased Lines

A leased line is a service which delivers a symmetric telecommunication line connecting two or more locations on Bonaire. Symmetric means that you have the same download and upload speeds. The Local Leased Lines also give you 5 static IP addresses. Click here to download the service descriptions in PDF.

Internet Leased Lines

An Internet Leased Line works much like a Local Leased Line by offering a symmetric data line. However, the internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product, delivered over copper or fiber, which is dedicated and provides uncontended, symmetrical speeds.Click here to download the service descriptions in PDF.

Dark Fiber

As a whole sales customer you may decide to start using two optical fiber pairs between two locations, while being in control over transmission equipment and configuration by your own company engineers. We offer transmission speeds up to 100 Gbit/sec. Click here to download the service descriptions in PDF..

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